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  • Is the flu wave hitting your organisation like a tornado? Is too many faced with burn out symptoms? Is motivation something that needs to be searched for with cats and dogs?
  • Employee well-being is directly visible in your numbers. Strengthen your most important resource and help the employees to be at their best. 
  • Not the amount but the quality. With sound, reasonable working methods and good quality recovery the work efficiency will improve - and everyone will be thankful.

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Customer Stories

The greatest advantage of this online training was the insight of pausing.

Cooling down, pausing for a moment has been before a very abstract and difficult thing for me. With clear concrete exercises, like breathing and yoga, it became part of my everyday life. Only then did I feel the difference between pausing and my tendency to hustle, learn, do and always strive for efficiency. That difference felt surprising and wonderful.

Eventually I noticed the quality of my sleep improving, which was one of my biggest goals in this course. This realization only has been worth the money invested in the training. The lectures were, as well, very interesting and composed with skill. They offered important information in very easily understandable form.



14-week yoga course in Jyväskylä, Finland during spring 2019 was an excellent opportunity for a beginner to get to familiarize oneself with the world of yoga. As an instructor Sanni takes into account practitioners of all levels, and you can really see her passion towards yoga.

The course hit me in the middle of a very rough period of life, and during the classes I felt like receiving much help for clearing the mind and concentrating on myself. I definitely feel like continuing this practice in the future! Thank you!



The most important feedback from this retreat is the state of mind I now have afterwards. Something has changed even though from outside everything looks the same. Before the retreat yoga was just yoga. Now it is something more, and you made that happen with your extremely skillful teaching.

I enjoyed enormously of every practice we did and your style to look at the world. You, Sanni and Henri, complement each other and the lectures were very entertaining and fun. Luckily you know how to take it easy as well.

The most powerful experience I received was on the yoga class Saturday afternoon. There was something I don't know how to put into words. I felt like in the end I was nothing more than a subtle breath. It's a feeling I want to return to over and over again.



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