About Us

Our story is deeply rooted in our own experiences in hectic business environment, with too much to do and too little techniques to make it all manageable. People spend about 70 % of their awake time at work. Burn-outs are more common every day. Employees get sick, suffer from brain fog as well as memory blackouts and experience symptoms of under-recovery. It really matters what happens at work - and how it happens.

Mindgrit wants people to live healthy and happy. The role of the employer is essential in this mission. Only people who are well - both mentally and physically - can be productive. Our own experiences have shown that too few employers care to be the active contributor of change. Employers who do care, are over and over again voted to be the most appealing workplaces among students.

We at Mindgrit feel that it is time to make room for healthier and more productive work environments that answer to the needs of a modern human being. With better habits, routines, time management, mental skills and emotional capacity our mission is achievable. One might need to be waken up and shown facts before any introduction of any new techniques or lifestyle changes. For that purpose we use the world-known Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment.

We in Finland love science. Especially when it gives us valuable information about ourselves. This knowledge we brought along when moving to Trondheim, Norway in spring 2019. Combining the newest technology and latest productivity and wellness research with the always-so-deep aspects of human existence, Mindgrit offers tools to strengthen people, to show that you care.

Coaches Introduced

Sanni Parkkinen

My name is Sanni Parkkinen and I work as a wellness coach, yoga teacher and daily leader at Mindgrit.

Prior to being completely caught up by the wellness scene I studied business spiced up with Russian culture and literature  (M.Econ., B.A.), completed a bunch of studies at Law School and worked in the hectic consulting world at KPMG. And yes - burnt out.

Since then, year 2013, I have educated myself in the field of yoga (RYT500) and wellness coaching specialising in stress management, recovery and performance-enhancing techniques. I work closely with Firstbeat Technologies as a service provider of their Lifestyle Assessment.

I always encourage my clients towards holistic well-being in which body and mind are like two sides of a coin. In connection and utterly inseparable from each other. The focus of my services is in topics like balance, letting go, recovery and stress-free living. I have seeked for teachings in Finland, India, the USA as well as in Canada, and in my work I combine techniques of the newest research within psychology, philosophy, sociology, neuroscience and nutrition with Eastern wisdom traditions like yoga and Ayurveda.

In my coaching I offer tools that I know - from my own experience supported with the latest research - will help one to live a more fulfilling life. We are here and now but sometimes we forget it in the midst of the busy everyday life. My colorful path has opened me doors to understanding human well-being, appreciating recovery, sleep and moments of pause and to living a productive life without excess stress.

All the techniques and methods that Mindgrit offers have been tested and used in Finland where my company Manaste Oy has been operating since year 2016.

Experience and certifications:
  • Full-time wellness coach & yoga teacher since 2015
  • Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, Achology Ltd, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
  • 500h RYT International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres, India
  • YTT Shakta Yoga School, Finland
  • 20h RYT Chair Yoga, Michael Hutkins Yoga, USA
  • Several Vipassana meditation courses & retreats
  • Has co-run a yoga center in USA and done volunteering work in yoga ashrams and centres in USA, Canada & India
  • Assisted a 200h RYT in India
Yoga styles:

Hatha, Yin, Flow, Chair Yoga

Henri Parviainen

Henri works in sales, incorporating the teachings of ancient philosophies into day-to-day leadership and challenges of the business world. His mission is to find a balance and spread the joy of well-being around him.

Experience and certifications:
  • 200h RYT International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres, India
  • YTT Shakta Yoga School, Finland
  • 20h RYT Chair Yoga, Michael Hutkins Yoga, USA
  • Ayurveda Consultant, 600h, USA
Yoga styles:

Hatha, Chair Yoga